Upcoming Products

The Bit Bucket

A classic blackhole! Use on any network, network appliance, device, or computer. Devirtualize /dev/null!

IGR J17091-3624

A security device the size of an RJ-45 jack! This thing is tiny!

Cygnus X-1

Safe, comfortable and familiar, the is eveyones security device!

NGC 4889

A security device big engough to handle any size network. You can pump an Ebs (exabit per second) into this thing and not a packet will get through. This thing is massive!


The Remote Triggered Black Hole. Stops DoS and DDoS attacks remotely!

The WinFone

A mobile black hole. Finally security on the road!

Yes, some of these have been a long time coming and are all in heavy devlopment. Some people have accused us of selling nothing but promises and vaporware. We don't have any vaporware -- it's plasma-ware!