Blackhole Networks

Packets check in, they don't check out.

The ultimate security products for todays dangerous networks. Because any packet can be a naughty packet.

The network security world was devistated when RFC 3514, The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header, failed to gain any traction. This would have made packets full of misbehavior easy to identify with a simple packet filter no matter what mischeif the payload contained. As network security devices such as firewalls grew in sophistication, so did the attack mechanisms. This began an arms race that is still going on today, taking more and more of a toll on network operators manpower, budgets and of course their data. Attack vectors have become more and more sophisticated from simple trojans to viruses, to worms, to snakes and wildebeasts; dictionary attacks, port scanning, cross site scripting, SQL injection, hot beef injection, scanning, enumeration, buffer overflows, integer overflows, toilet overflows, parameter manipulation, etc, etc, etc. Network security equpment has had to keep stride with the attacks starting with tcp-wrappers, then firewalls, then stateful firewalls, then application firewalls, then firewall modules in routers and even in automobiles, then application gateways, then antivirus scanners, then deep packet inspection, really deep packet inspection, body cavity packet inspection, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrustion prevention systems (IPS), intrusion ignoring systems (IIS), policy enforcers, network access control, virtually private networks, virtual private networks, virtual public networks, next generation firewalls, deep space 9 firewalls, and so on, and so on, and so on....

From the ashes of this escalating war comes the utlimate in security products from Blackhole Networks featuring "Air-Gap" technology. Guaranteed to stop everything in it's tracks! You'll never need another security product again!